Nascentia Health Presents Annual Employee Recognition Awards


Nascentia Health’s 5th Annual Employee Recognition and Holiday Celebration was a huge success, with a group of more than 450 employees, family members and community leaders in attendance.

Held at the Turning Stone Resort Casino on Saturday, January 12, the event included a cocktail hour, formal dinner, dancing, games and gift basket raffles. The highlight of the evening, however, were the employee recognition awards presented to employees who made significant contributions to the system throughout the course of the year.

The 2018 honorees were:

Rookie of the Year
Michael Parkhurst, Care Navigator

A motivated and ambitious self-starter, Michael quickly embraced his role as the system’s first Care Navigator, meeting each new task with enthusiasm and quickly establishing himself as an asset to the Customer Service Center. Michael is energetic, upbeat and supportive of his colleagues, actively contributing to the success of his team. He was instrumental to the development of our Continuing Care Call Center and has played an active part in the roll out of our new Medicare Advantage Plan. Michael is also quick to lend a helping hand, regularly volunteering to work weekends and assisting with the onboarding and orientation of new employees.

Rookie Clinician of the Year
David Hunter, RN Case Manager

In his first year with Nascentia Health, David has distinguished himself as an exceptional employee and asset to the clinical team. He is passionate about his career and seeks to complete every aspect of his job with the utmost excellence. David’s superior assessment skills allow him to easily evaluate his patients and their home environments and come to swift and accurate conclusions regarding the services that can best assist them. He never fails to present himself if a professional manner, serving as an exceptional ambassador for our system.

Office Employee of the Year
Amy Grogg, Patient Care Coordinator

Amy is a great asset to our Oneida County team, coordinating the busy schedules of several clinical team members and consistently taking on additional responsibilities to ensure our Oneida office runs smoothly. She communicates well with employees and patients alike and performs her duties accurately and in a timely fashion. Amy has an excellent attendance record and can always be counted on to volunteer for new projects. She strives for excellence and embodies critical thinking, sound reasoning, ethical decision making and strong leadership skills in all her professional interactions.

Nurse of the Year
Karen Grenga, RN Case Manager

Karen is committed to carrying out the system’s mission and has dedicated more than 30 years to her career in home healthcare. For the past five years, she’s served as a field nurse for our Chronic Care team, a position she’s not only embraced, but excelled in. Karen exhibits exceptional clinical competence, consistently exceeds productivity goals, and never fails to maintain quality and timely documentation. She maintains positive working relationships with both office and field staff and is always ready and willing to assist her teammates.

Outstanding Manager of the Year
Andrea MacDonald, Clinical Operations Manager

In her day-to-day work, Andrea strives to build a sense of community among her 200 plus team members and to ensure that the communication gap between office and field staff is successfully bridged. Her genuine warmth creates an environment where employees feel they can access her expertise and guidance without judgment, and her ability to empower others to do their best through positive reinforcement and kind-hearted constructive criticism is widely praised. Andrea is a gracious and tireless leader who leads by example, encourages open communication and collaboration, and champions inclusivity.

Hospice Home Health Aide Specialist of the Year
Lori Somers, Home Health Aide

Lori’s calm, compassionate and nurturing nature brings comfort to her patients and their families, allowing her to provide truly exceptional end-of-life care. She has an eye for detail, closely monitoring her patients’ conditions and promptly reporting any concerns she may have. Lori’s communication skills are nothing short of exemplary, and her ability to adjust the care she provides as the needs of her clients and their families evolve is admirable. She takes great pride in her work, and her passion for helping others is obvious.

Alzheimer’s/Dementia Home Health Aide Specialist of the Year
Harriet Woodberry, Home Health Aide

In her eight years with Nascentia Health, Harriet has dedicated more than 27,000 hours to caring for her clients, many of whom have Alzheimer’s disease or another dementia. She has a special gift for caring for these clients, as her compassionate nature and unfailing patience allow her to serve them without compromising their sense of dignity or independence. Harriet shows true empathy for her clients’ daily struggles, using her personal experience, perseverance and awe-inspiring patience to deliver effective care and build strong and lasting relationships with her clients and their families.

Home Health Aide of the Year
Andrea Charette, Home Health Aide

Andrea has proven to be a true asset to the system, providing care that is both compassionate and consistent. She never hesitates to go the extra mile to ensure her clients receive the care they need, traveling countless miles through rain, sleet and snow. In one case, she even jumped through hoops to borrow a relative’s car when her own broke down. Andrea was also present during a recent fire at a client’s apartment complex. She remained calm and collected during the emergency and showed great courage in assisting her client to safely exit the building. She even volunteered to accompany the patient to the hospital, staying with her to provide emotional support even after her scheduled shift had ended.

Outstanding Care Manager of the Year
Traci Furness, Care Manager

Traci consistently strives for excellence, providing exceptional customer service and working to ensure the members of our Managed Long-Term Care (MLTC) Plan receive the services they need to keep them safe and healthy in their own homes. She openly embraces change and is dedicated to the continued improvement and development of her personal and professional skills. In addition, her knowledge and expertise, coupled with her patience, professionalism and warm personality, have made her a go-to resource for her fellow Care Managers and a mentor for new employees.

Outstanding Customer Service Person of the Year
Mary Hills, Clinical Administrative Coordinator

Mary has a firm understanding of the important role superior customer service plays in the continued success of our system and consistently demonstrates a high degree of excellence in her teamwork and collaboration with her colleagues. She serves as a strong support for her supervisor and all those who interface with her, pleasantly offering assistance even in the midst of her own tasks and deadlines. Mary readily addresses challenges and embraces every opportunity to work with others to accomplish departmental and institutional goals both big and small.

Clinician (Non-Nursing) of the Year
Nick D’Alessandro, Physical Therapist

In his first two years with Nascentia Health, Nick has demonstrated exceptional leadership skills, a dedication to providing superior care, and a commitment to continuous personal and professional improvement. His ability to handle challenging situations and difficult behaviors with patience and professionalism is admirable, allowing him to serve a wide cross section of patients. Nick is confident in his approach, innovative in his care methods, and ready to bring new ideas to the table and execute them without guidance or direction. He radiates enthusiasm and is truly passionate about the work he does.

President’s Award
Eileen Gleason, VP of Health Plan Services

Since joining our system two years ago, Eileen has proven to be an incredible asset. When we needed a concrete plan developed and implemented for our MLTC, she bravely stepped up to oversee the quality management department while continuing with her other responsibilities. Most recently, Eileen played an instrumental role in completing and getting our Medicare Advantage Plan application approved. This incredible feat required countless hours and a steadfast commitment, and Eileen embraced the opportunity without hesitation.

Awards were also presented to employees who have achieved employment milestones with the system (e.g., 5, 10, 15 or 20 years of service).

“I extend my sincere gratitude to these outstanding employees for their service, dedication and commitment to Nascentia Health,” said Kate Rolf, president and chief executive officer. “Through their hard work and years of dedicated service, our system continues to grow and provide our patients with the highest quality care. I am honored to recognize each and every one of them for their excellence and exceptional performance.”

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