Construction Updates


Future Friday – 7/28/17

#futurefriday Our building is coming along! Top photo: Brick on back wall Bottom Right: Concrete trucks have arrived! Bottom Left: concrete is being poured on the third floor. #reimagineourhome


Future Friday – 7/14/17

#futurefriday Entrance, stone work and plumbing oh my! Top photo: construction in the roof overhang on the entrance. Bottom Left: stone work has begun on the outside of the building. Bottom Left: plumbing begins on the ground floor. #reimagineourhome


Future Friday – 7/07/17

#futurefriday Plumbing and concrete are on their way! Top photo: view of our building from across West Genesee Street. Bottom Left: wire mesh has been laid and ready for concrete. Bottom Right: plumbing has arrived and ready to be installed. #reimagineourhome


Future Friday – 6/30/17

#futurefriday Our home is growing! Top photo: views from the third floor. Bottom photo: front elevator being blocked. #reimagineourhome


Future Friday – 6/23/17

#futurefriday Our building has taken its shape! Top photo: view of the building from across West Genesee Street. Bottom photo: standing in what will be the main entrance. #reimagineourhome


Future Friday – 6/16/17

#futurefriday building of steel, we are built for this! #reimagineourhome


Future Friday – 6/07/17

#futurefriday our building is making great progress! Top photos: steel walls have been put on. Bottom photo: wall boards have started covering the building! #reimagineourhome


Future Friday – 6/02/17

#futurefriday the final beam has been placed on the steel structure. Our CEO, Kate Rolf as well as members of our leadership team have all put their signature onto the beam. Top photo: Kate Rolf signature on the steel beam. Bottom Left photo: members of leadership bottom right: beam being put into place #reimagineourhome


Future Friday – 5/26/17

#futurefriday We’ve made lots of progress this week! Left photo: back stairs are being poured with concrete. Top Right: Steel taking shape towards the front of the building. Bottom Left: Rear elevator shaft almost completed with block work. #reimagineourhome


Future Friday – 5/19/17

#futurefriday A lot has happened in the past week! Top photo: the roof decking has been installed. Bottom photos: Right: mason work has been constructed for the elevator shaft. Left: Drain pipes have arrived! #reimagineourhome


Future Friday – 5/12/17

#futurefriday we’re moving along! Photos: We have begun the third floor! Up next the roof! #reimagineourhome


Future Friday – 5/05/17

#futurefriday building of steel! Photos: third floor going up with the steel! #reimagineourhome


Future Friday – 4/28/17

#futurefriday our building is starting to take its shape! Top photos: steel being delivered. Bottom Photos: steel taking shape on the ground floor. #reimagineourhome


Future Friday – 4/21/17

#futurefriday the foundation of our building is coming along! Top photo: the west wall foundation has been completed. Bottom photos: stone has been grated and prepping for steel beams to start taking form! #reimagineourhome


Future Friday – 4/14/17

#futurefriday progress is coming along! Top photo: digging has begun on the west wall and getting ready to pour the mats. #reimagineourhome


Future Friday – 4/7/17

#futurefriday Top Left photo: digging of the west wall for the foundation. Top Right: relocation of the chiller (air conditioning) for our new building. Bottom Left: Crane for the movement of the chillier. Bottom Right: Pouring of the footing to hold the pier to hold the structure of the building! #reimagineourhome


Future Friday – 3/31/17

#futurefriday The construction of our building is coming along! Top photo: digging of cement mats that will help in the pouring of concrete for the piers. Bottom photo: Setting up a temporary utility pole to source the transformers. The utility pole had to be moved in order to make room for the new foundation and still provide the power to our current building. #reimagineourhome


Future Friday – 3/24/17

#futurefriday photos show the clearing of the lot on the Belden Avenue side. This will be used as the new parking lot, as well as the exit of the building! #reimagineourhome


Future Friday – 3/10/17

#futurefriday top photo: pouring of footers where the foundation wall will sit on. The concrete pump truck can extend to 100ft. Bottom Photo: foundation wall has been poured within the molds. #reimagineourhome


Future Friday – 3/03/17

#futurefriday Top image: forms are up for the rear wall of the foundation. Next step foundation to be poured. Bottom photos: the digging out of the front of the building and the filling of a layer of concrete “mud mats” in order to work on from ground up! #reimagineourhome


Future Friday – 2/24/17

#futurefriday Now that all the snow has melted they have been able to pour the concrete mats in order to work on as well as the piers. The piers are the base which will hold the steel column which will become the structure of our building! #reimagineourhome


Future Friday – 2/10/17

Lots of action happening on our new building! Pictures below show the digging and formation of the rear elevator shaft, the covering of the ground to prevent freezing and the first concrete truck has arrived on site!

Make sure to check back every Friday for our#futurefriday updates! We’re reimagining our home! #reimagineourhome


Future Friday – 2/03/17

The future of our new building has begun! Pictures include the digging of our front parking lot clearing and leveling. #futurefriday #reimagineourhome


Future Friday – 1/19/17

We began a new chapter in our 127-year history on Thursday, January 19 with a groundbreaking ceremony for our new, 47,000-square-foot operational headquarters at 1050 West Genesee Street, Syracuse. Members of our leadership team and Board of Directors joined representatives from King & King Architects and the Hayner Hoyt Corporation to mark the momentous occasion.